Our History

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In 2002 the father to one of the orphans Tusiime Phillip (Left) died of HIV/AIDS. This child became almost helpless. In 2004 the father to Ochieng Brain (Right) also passed on. Then after these entire incidents, Tamwenya Paul started helping these orphans with scholastic materials, clothes and health. In 2007 after a number of deaths of the same kind occurring, Paul developed an idea of starting up a charitable organization to help the orphans and vulnerable children in Nangaiza village after realizing that most of the children and parents are unable to care for themselves and their families in a number of ways. This idea became a turning point for Paul. He began building an organization dedicated to helping the world’s children beginning with the ones of Nangaiza village, and in Birds of a Feather was born. OVC in Uganda and most especially Nangaiza village (many due to AIDS) are in need of care and education. When children lose their parents to an illness like AIDS, in any African setting, a relative takes in the child and cares for them. When no relative is able to care for a child, they are forced to live on the street and for that child, all hope is lost. Life is hard enough for a child in Uganda, but with no one to care for them; they are the poorest of the poor.