Annual Reviews


Established a few years ago, BOF is an organization focused on improving the lively hoods of the OVC in Nangaiza and break the vicious circle of poverty. Through this project we help children with scholastic materials which are some of the obstacles that stop children from accessing proper education. We further help a couple of OVC with school fees and other school utilities ranging from school uniforms to casual out of school clothes.

Last year we were able to facilitate three children in boarding school: ochieng Brian our first beneficiary who has also managed to complete his advanced level exams in Homeland Lugazi high school and God willing will be joining University later this year, Gimbo Eseza who is joining primary one at Yesu Afayo primary school, Wandera Eridad who is joining primary seven and Tusiime Tracy who is joining senior three and Namba John who is joining primary three in a day school.

The academic year in the primary and secondary level in Uganda normally starts in early February and ends in early December. The year is divided in three terms. Whereas all terms are important, the third term is the most important of them all because it determines the child’s transition from one class to another. In order to full fill our mission and vision there is need for constant follow up and evaluation of the students that we support. We therefore collect their termly reports to check on their progress and further discuss the results with the parents and the teachers to ensure that they improve and those who are good maintain.

              Below is an analysis of the yearly performance of our students.

1 Aliyinza Aida Mary Female Primary Seven Div III Div II Div III
2 Birungi Deborah Female Primary Six 28 18 23
3 Gimbo Eseza Female Top Class 6 6 6
4 Gwanyi Goerge Male Primary Three 13 13 13
5 Jachan Elijah Male Primary Two 27 24 31
6 Kaigo Valerie Female Primary Five 5 6 9
7 Kabosi Waali Male Primary Two 20 5 8
8 Kantono Anna Mary Female Primary Two 21 7 10
9 Kanyago Ruth Female Primary One 50 43 46
10 Logose Hope Female Primary One 19 5 5
11 Masano Joan Female Primary Three 57 48 22
12 Mbulamukungi Ambrose Male Primary Five 52 54 44
13 Mugole Timothy Male Primary Four 2 2 1
14 Mwane Joseph Male Senior One 23 13 7
15 Nagawa Yvon Female Baby Class 26 24 31
16 Naisonga Perusi Female Primary Three 74 55 22
17 Nakirya Zipola Female Primary Three 135 130 87
18 Namba David Male Primary One 129 122 98
19 Namba Johna Male Primary Three 4 4 3
20 Namugosa Magret Female Primary Four  35 52 21
21 Nantulya Francis Male Primary One 21 24 27
20 Nasio Rehema Female Primary Five 70 63 61


22 Nasiyo Sarah Female Primary Five 7 36 21


23 Naula Esther Female Primary Four 21 14 19
24 Nsiimire Delight Male Primary One 18 15 9
25 Nsiimire Desire Male Primary One 39 26 29
26 Ochieng Brian Male Year one at University  


27 Oluku Simon Peter Male Primary Seven Div IV Div III Div IV
28 Pius Edgar Puisi Male Senior Two 25 21 16
29 Pulisi Amosi Male Primary Six 11 10 19
30 Stella Anna Mary Female Primary Seven Div III Div III Div II
31 Tusiime Philip Male Senior Three 17 19 8
32 Wandera Eridad Male Primary Six Div IV Div III Div II

NB: Div – Division

Div I = Very good, Div II = Good, Div III = Fair, Div IV = Poor

Note: Pre primary children are not positioned; they use a different system of evaluation where the performance in a particular subject is either Bad, Fair, good, very good, or Excellent.

Although majority of them have greatly improved and others maintained, others have also declined and as part of our project we will ensure that we encourage them, inspire them as well as try to find out the obstacles standing in their way of performing better.

The parents and guardians on the other hand, of majority of the OVC have shown tremendous support for the growth and development of Birds of a Feather project. We shall not go without noting the fatal illness of one of our OVC Kantono Josephine a primary one pupil who had to be operated upon resulted into her absenteeism from school for the last two terms of the year. We pray and hope that she gets better. On a more, on the 28th of December 2014, we lost one of our children Naimali Brenda. She was in primary five. According to her parent, she was epileptic and it was the cause of her untimely death.

However, like any other project, we faced some challenges which we hope to overcome over time to ensure the growth of BOF and realization of our vision and goals

The funds have not enabled us reach out to all the 55 children we took up fully especially in terms of scholastic materials

We have been challenged by the hasty parents who do not value Education. They are adamant to take children to school and feed them with a lot of negativity about education, and how important Education is, and how children will never be able to perform. This has demoralized some of our children leading to dropouts.

Relocation without notice; some parents have relocated along with the children without notice or contact; this makes it hard for us to follow up on the children later on sponsor them.