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We have ambitious plans for the future. So many of our success stories have been achieved with relatively small sums of money. We are keen to work with corporations, foundations and individuals who want to support our distinct approach to helping the orphans and vulnerable children . If you share our aims, please email us

Meet some of our supporters

Maryann Griffith, Lorraine Shaw, Chelsea Loomis, Liz Williamson, Terry Kane, Ann & Darrell Holland, Catherine Theisen, Patti Smith, Barry Lonik, Carol Goodman, Whitney Conard, Diane Scarpace, Michael Bastedo, Dina Shtull-Leber, Jean Hagen, Margaret Jewett, Sherry Marcy, Wendy Beckwith, Barbara Lucas, Maryann Griffith, Constance Cook, Mary Spaller, Sherri Smith, Denise Smith, Mary Schleppegrell, Patricia Judd, Michelle Anderson, Claudette Stern, Deaver Armstrong, Lisa Field, Patricia King, Margaret Leveen, Elaine Rawls, Marilyn Heckmyer, Rosalind Lax, Merrily Hart, Susan Chayet.

They partnered with us to help provide and facilitate the OVC with clothes, games and scholastic materials. We thank the partnership and all their supported to our work to build a brighter future for these children and their families.

When these supporters got to know about Birds of a Feather, their positive response resulted in offering support through clothes, bags financial support to these needy children. They also further had a trip to the village where these children are found.

If you share our mission to improve the lives of children living in poverty and can offer some of your time to help support the development of their plans, we would love to hear from you. In return for your expertise, we offer you the opportunity to witness first-hand the incredible results being achieved through education, improved health and the chance to be inspired by our parents building a better future for their children, families and communities.